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What Actually Makes
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Hi there,
I’m Binh Minh and you can call me Dawn. For the past few years, I’ve been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries all around the world, helping them to boost sales & conversion, increase customer engagement and approach more potential customer with just ONE kind of video. Guess what?

It’s whiteboard video – one of the most popular online marketing form these days.
But it’s not what I want to tell you today...
A few months ago, I worked with 2 clients that needed remodeling their whiteboard videos, one for a ‘make money online’ squeeze page and one for a ‘weight loss’ Facebook video ad. They all had bad conversion rate and customer engagement with the old videos. I kept the, script, voiceover, storyboard idea and just replaced the old artworks with my own ones. The results below may surprise you:

1. DOUBLE opt-in rate when using new artworks

This is how their old video look

And after remodeling the artworks

The client drove traffic to their squeeze page after using the new video and the optin rate increased from 23.4% to 47.3%.

2. TRIPLE social engagement with a new video ad

It had nice script but poor artworks

After using new SVGs

The new Facebook ad with the remodeled video got 3x likes, 2.5x comments and 3x shares, not mentioning thousands of new fans for the page within days.
All of these unbeliveably increases were from changing just video graphics. So, what these case studies are proving is that…

Video Visualization Matters

Researches show that whiteboard video has the ability to gain attention, encourage engagement and recall information, more than any other type of video. That’s simply because people love to see things being drawn. (You know, drawing is one of the earliest simplest and most efficient form of communicating visual ideas throughout human history). So, in a whiteboard video, visualization has 2 main components:
The artwork and the drawing animation. They have to go together. It’s insufficient to have good artwork but bad drawing animation, or reversely.

Bad Artwork + Good Drawing

Good Artwork + Bad Drawing

You can see, even when you have a good artwork, your video will still look ugly if the drawing animation is not natural.
I started to realize this right in my first video projects, when I was out of choice with the default library. After an exhausting and worthless time trying to find a good free resource on Google, I hired an artist to create SVGs for $100 per hour. The artworks turned out so elegant, but the problem was not solved easily like that. Guess why? It didn’t animate well in my video software.
I had to sit back and find a way to create good-looking artworks that animate well in whiteboard video…
Then I decided to do it myself.
At this time, I had no experience with any vector editor software.
A hard time, again, was spent to investigate into current working SVGs, doing test repeatedly with different softwares, and it was really worth it. Finnally I found the way to convert drawn arts to whiteboard SVGs that WORK PERFECTLY with all video and graphic editors.
Since then, whenever I need new SVGs, I outsource the artworks and manually turn them into SVGs.
Although I’ve figured out how to create good video visualization, it still costs me at least $20 for the raw artwork and half an hour to create EACH SVG.
So, if you need more whiteboard graphic assets for your next video projects, how will you do?

Choose cheap & bad
artworks with ugly
drawing animations

Draw yourself whatever
you need then try to
convert them to SVGs

Outsource the artworks
and hire someone to
convert them to SVGs

NO, you don’t want to do it, I bet!

What If Today You Can Get
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800+ whiteboard SVG items created
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Available in full color, B&W with shadow
and line art

Ready to bring your story to life

Save you thousands of dollars and
hundreds of hours

Enjoy creating video and stand out from
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I’ve spent 2 weeks to choose the subjects and image ideas…
$1000’s for the raw artworks…
2 months to convert all of these elegant artworks to SVGs that animate perfectly in all whiteboard video softwares and organize them into ready-to-use packages.
What you’re going to get with [Product name] is EASILY worth THOUSANDS of dollars. It’s EXACTLY what you need to take your video visualization to the next level.

Still Not Sure What I Mean
by ‘Animate Perfectly’?

Let’s see and compare how these SVGs work
with top whiteboard video softwares

Bad SVGs

Our SVGs

Discover Exactly What You Will Get
in 15 Modules

There may be many simiar products introduced to you, so…

What Makes SVG Galaxy Different

From Other Whiteboard Graphic Products?

1. It Creates Perfect Whiteboard Video Visualization

As I said, good whiteboard video viualization consists of good-looking artworks and
natural drawing animation. With elegant
artworks that are designed to work perfectly in all whiteboard video softwares, SVG Galaxy is ready to make your video stand out from the crowd.
I’ve even created multiple versions of SVG structure for different softwares.
Whether you use Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Videoscribe or TTS Sketch Maker, you
will find exactly what you need to work on your video projects.

2. You Can Use SVG Galaxy for Multiple Purposesn

I’ve spend weeks picking the subjects and images to ensure you can use SVG Galaxy’s images in not only videos but any of your projects that need cartoon-styled graphics. They can be:

- Video creation and video marketing
- Salespage and landing page design
- Presentation
- Infographic
- Banner, cover & web image design
- Printable objects (brochure, t-shirt, etc.)
Aside from SVG, you will get high-res PNG
and EPS format that are compatible with
almost all of popular video and graphic editors.

3. Future Updates Without Subscriptions

While in most of graphic products, you do not get
any update after downloading your purchases,
[Product name] will have version 1.01, 1.02…
in which I will enhance the quality of the whole package. Based on your feedbacks and requests,
I will add more SVG images to current packages, more
color choice or even more package, with NO additional fees or subscriptions.

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I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create these stunning SVGs that
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I’m confident that you are going to love it.
But I even want to take all the risks to my side, so:

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Within 30 days, if there is any reason that you don’t want to use [Product name]
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P.S. Remember, I’ve invested $1000’s for the artworks, 100’s of hours to convert them to
SVG, organize to 15 ready-to-use package and it’s just more than $1 each package. You
are going to save thousands of dollars when purchasing SVG Galaxy. Do you want
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